National Tourist Union unites information resources of the regions, which enable fast and quality to choose a platform for investment projects throughout the Russian Federation.

A promising investment direction is the participation of business structures in the implementation of the federal target program "Development of domestic tourism in the Russian Federation (2011 - 2018 years)." Private investors in cooperation with regional administrations and create projects on a competitive basis, receive co-financing from the state budget, both federal and regional.

Since 2011, the volume of private investment amounted to about 30 billion. Rubles. In 2017 on the implementation of the federal program the government planned to allocate 1.5 billion rubles from the consolidated budget of the subjects of the Russian Federation and private investment -. 13.7 billion rubles..

For its part, the business gets access to new market segments, improves project profitability and feasibility of large-scale projects, which can not be financed on market conditions.

NTU will provide consulting support experts to participate in the federal program and will help to establish cooperation with the regional authorities. Individual activity NTU is a PR support start-ups and innovative tourism products.