10 Top Tourist Attractions in Russia

10 Top Tourist Attractions in Russia

The largest country in the world, Russia offers a broad array of travel experiences, from treks up the slopes of glacier-capped mountains to strolls along the shoreline of Earth’s oldest lake. Historical sites and cultural activities in the country’s great cities abound as...

Tourism - a powerful tool for building a reputation of individual regions and the country as a whole. Creation of tourism clusters and promote Russia's image as a sought after tourist destination today is the task of the highest state level.

In 2011, at a meeting of the Russian government approved the federal target program "Development of domestic tourism in the Russian Federation (2011-2018)". Currently Rosturizm together with the Ministry of Economic Development and the Ministry of Finance is considering the issue on extension of the federal program until 2019, followed by the development of new targeted program of development of tourism for the period 2020-2025.

The results of the program are already showing significant macroeconomic effect for a number of Russian regions. Within the framework of the federal target program in the region to establish quality infrastructure, which contributes not only to build tourist traffic, but also increase the level and quality of life. In addition to the new tourist objects are actively used by local residents, and created tourism clusters contribute to the emergence of new jobs and address the employment, which is reflected in the standard of living in the region.

National Tourist rating 2016

 The subject of Russian Federation   Score 
1 Moscow (Federal City)  80
2 Saint Petersburg (Federal City)  79,7
3 Krasnodar Region  77,3
4 Crimean Repuplic  75,7
5 Moscow Region  74,8
6 Nizhny Novgorod Region  73,1
7 Altai Region  70,6
8 Tatarstan  66,7
9 Kaliningrad Region  65,7
10 Primorsky Region  65
11 Leningrad Region  64,8
12 Bashkortostan  64,6
13 Stavropol Region  64,5
14 Samara Region  64,4
15 Irkutsk Region  62,4
16 Tver Region  61,9
17 Sverdlovsk Region  60,9
18 Perm Region  60,7
19 Vladimir Region  60,4
20 Kaluga Region  60,3
21 Yaroslavl Region  60,2